Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer To-Do list-Revisited.

Today I am revisiting the project lists I had put together at the beginning of Summer. Wasn't that just yesterday?

So we had some bigger things in the works;

TEARDROP TRAILER-Status-So close to completion! It will have to be wrapped tightly and shipped to our new home to be finished. No prob, we are so happy to be able to bring it along. (Teardroppin' update coming soon...)

MOTORBUG-Status-Completed! Very well used and very dirty all the time. All of us ride it. Even Minna gets rides with her Dada. Even I ride the thing! I can't be sure, but whenever I am on it I seem to hear the distinct sounds of hysterical laughter above the buzz of the engine.Hmmm... maybe I am hearing things.

COMMAND CENTER-Status-Completed and well used too. I think I talked about it already and mentioned that I don't totally love it but it is super functional and doin' me just fine.

I had some smaller projects listed too, but the only one worth mentioning is my wearable skirt goal. I made not one, but two! I have worn both many a time out and about and I still really like them. Sadly, my projects in the needles department have been really lacking otherwise. Not much time at the machine the past few months-nor with needle and hoop in hand.

The museum trips didn't really happen, and the perfect lemonade will be had someday. The house hasn't been full of sand or shells, and the lighthouse at the bottom of the stairs waits for us still.

We did make a beautiful origami patchwork but one of us wishes more paper folding had occurred. At least that is an all season craft, right Sully-boy?

Not that this summer was a bust in any way though. That is an impossibility when you have these little folks around.

Besides, we have our annual house boating trip just around the corner ready to make up for any missing sand.

Did you have a full, satisfying summer?

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  1. Sounds like a pretty decent summer. I always feel like we could have done more, but ours was pretty good even so.