Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Twirly, Tea Party Kind Of Day.

Happy September One!

We had a good day spending time at the school and helping with the boys lunch hour. We enjoyed the confusingly hot weather. It felt good to twirl around in the evening and kick around in the leaves. What a cute girl in her swirly skirt.

Then indoors we went to make dinner. While I chopped we had a spontaneous tea party. We like ours with a dainty miniature tea set, a super absorbent hand towel and ice water, straight up. This tea party kept Minna occupied and kept me quite hydrated after about 100 teeny cups of water, expertly poured I might add.

Like I said, fun day...

down to the very last drop.

Where were you on this 1st day of September?

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  1. Oh, we enjoy "raspberry bubble tea" in our tea set too. Towels are very important!