Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Contest And One last Make.

Here is my completed "Embroidereading" contest entry. I will state up front that I didn't win-but that is O.K. Really it is. There were so many entries that had original poems and very professional stitching that mine can't even compete with. Someday perhaps, but not yet.

I loved doing it and the piece means a lot to me and will hang proudly in our new home. The hoop might not have a prize but she still has her dignity and poise. Tonight I will wrap her up for her long journey north. Thank you to Checkout Girl and So September for such a cool contest.

Here is the Flickr group with all the other entries which is now an on-going group. Yay! Go take a look. Stop by mine and say something nice (if you want to) and see what little old me was up against. Stiff I tell you, stiff competition!

And here is the last make in the needles department until I have my sewing area set up again. Hopefully I will pack some stuff for the road to work on, but we won't see any of that until we are settled! Just another "last for a while".

I finished the little gift for J's Mom and I love the big kitty but just couldn't get the cute, youthful look on that kitten that I was going for. I am still going to give it to her though. I really do feel it is the thought that counts when it comes to the handmade.

OK. That was two posts in a day. There are less than a handful of posts left to be posted out here until we are unplugged and on the mo-oooove!

Be by tomorrow with the last Teardroppin' update. You are in for a treat!

Good night!


  1. I really like your competition entry. Also really like how you added the little heart beside the kitties!

  2. Honey! You are SO CLEVER!!!
    love from DLS