Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween On A Temp Basis.

So, we have been living out of suitcases for well over a month. And I mean really living. Work, school etc. That’s a long time. Just the same we gotta keep on with all this living don’t we? There is nothing we can do about that.

Still, I was kicking myself for not preparing the kids Halloween costumes long ago and having them packed in our cases waiting for wear. I have forgiven myself and realized that there is only so much planning ahead a gal can do sometimes. The kids have forgiven me too because we have pieced together some cool costumes from clearance isles and discount bins and a cardboard box on the sidewalk labeled “Boy Costumes-$10.00 and under…”

“Hey! I have boys!” That is exactly what my frazzled-Halloween-panicked brain said as I pulled over. Add a marked down costume makeup kit to the mix and I ended up with some happy Trick-Or-Treaters.

Yup. We already went Trick-Or-Treating and we are going again tomorrow. We went downtown for the local business event which was fun and crazy. Right up the kid’s alley. The small town feel and neighborly hellos that went on all around us were right up this mama’s alley. I hope someday soon, I will be greeting my neighbors and catching up on things as well. This is my town now too right?

Each day it feels more and more so.

Now, from the sweetest “Mother Nature Fairy” in Kodiak and the zombiest Darth Vadar ever and from my peppy but insistently scary Ghost...

Happy, Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yup. Fishin' Is Big Here.

We weren't here a full day before my boys caught the fishin' bug.

Not hard to see why when we are surrounded by rivers and lakes that call out, begging to be fished in that are right off the main road with no parking restrictions or fees. (Imagine that, Nor-Cal folk.) Most families here are long time hard working fishing families and Kodiak's fishing history is very long. It is all around us.

It seems that one may be on their way to the grocery store or the post office but if there is a pole in the trunk the post office may close before that mail is fetched and someone from home will be calling to see where the milk is.

Not saying that I am speaking from experience...yet.

Anyway, we had about two full nights sleep before the boys made a fishing pole AND CAUGHT A FISH in the back yard! I couldn't believe it.

They let the fish go but I see many more in the near future and I think that is the best fishin' pole I ever did see.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It has been too long!

So much has happened. Has it been an action packed couple of weeks for you too? I am writing this from a teeny desk on an even smaller computer so this post will be brief. I am just here to say that after 3 adventurous airplane rides (gulp, that last plane was oh so very tiny!) and with severe aircraft-seat-hair and plugged ears and one of us (ahem) with a mouth full of brand new dental work...

...we landed. Safely. In Kodiak, Alaska. Just like in the movies we ran across the tarmac into Jeff's open arms and our new life began. Just like that.

Plus-I now own a warm pair of boots and
there's a creek and a little old bridge in my back yard.

Just like that.

(Stay tuned. Posts may be sporatic for a while as I get used to things and I get over missing my computer set-up and photo editing gadgets. I have so many pictures to share! We have been busy with the important work of exploring our new town and we have been working hard I tell you! Can't wait to show you.)

Have a great night!