Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

For Friday Instead.

I had all these ideas bouncing around my head for a Friday post...

I thought of a new weekly thing I would call "The Friday Floss", which would be a weekly embroidery update. I have some good stuff started, I really do. One is big, using no less than 5 feet of linen! I want to have more done before I share though.

Then I was going to talk about our new workshop. Remember the man-cave? That trailer is long gone and in it's place is something even better. That needs to wait for another day because I don't have the pictures yet.

Then I was going to talk about my harebrained idea of trying to sell my silly stuff on Etsy. Talking about that would take a handful of Friday's or more. So that must wait too. (Not too long though, gulp. If I wait I may not go through with it, aaahh, so nervous.)

So, instead I will talk about frolicking with everybody in fast moving puddles after a very windy rainstorm. I am always amazed at what my boys can make using their imaginations and pretty rocks.

And how they notice and point out the smallest, most beautiful things and I get to be lucky enough to see them too sometimes.

Then I myself took notice of the first blossom outside my bedroom window that is sure to be surrounded by many more tomorrow.

And last but not least, I have to mention how happy we are to get our Dad for a whole week straight. A whole week! We are holding on tight and not letting go for anything.

Not even to get some shut-eye.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Skunky Scarf.

Here is the Skunk Scarf run down...

A while back I finally pulled out some soft, squishy gray yarn that I had been saving to make a soft, squishy, over sized scarf. I chose to single crochet only and came to find that SC doesn't lend itself to squishy.

Here it is after almost 2 skeins. Soft, but a little tight for what I wanted.

So for the first time ever, I ripped my work out. Row after row of work.

This is big for me. I never stop a movie in the middle even if I am hating it. I don't only half-read books, even if I am bored to tears because to have a true opinion of something I feel I need to complete it. To decide not to finish a project AND rip and start over is a weird concept for me.

I am totally O.K. with that walk on the wild side though. No regrets. Now I am knitting it instead and guess what? I am even going to use a pattern! Man, I am gettin' all crazy aren't I?

Now for the Skunky part.

This yarn looks exactly like our dog, Roo. Where does the yarn end and the dog begin? Here she is attacking it which speaks to our relationship and how much respect she has for me and my belongings. (This isn't the place for ranting or complaining so we will move right along.)

Well, Roo was sprayed by a skunk not long before this picture was taken therefore the scent of skunk was and is very present even after repeated washings. (I wouldn't wish being sprayed in the face on anybody, even my worst canine enemy. Really, poor girl. Poor us too.)

Now the yarn also reminds me of skunk. Plus, after being in Roo's mouth I swear I can smell that distinct smell. No one else can, but I know I am not imagining it.

Here are the rolled-up-again balls of yarn. I have casted on-ready to begin again.

And when the smell truly does fade, I am hoping to have a soft, comfy, over sized wrap or scarf to help me remember when...

You do anything out of character and been pleasantly surprised lately?
Heck, it's only smelly yarn right?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Expected.

We knew the rain would be here again eventually and here it is!

The chilly damp kept us in,

with socks on, gripping lil' cups of cocoa.

We got to concentrate on some "paper" work that just had to be completed.

And I, finally got some old favorites up on my bedroom wall where they rightfully belong.

You folks stuck inside too? That's O.K. sometimes isn't it?

Sure is.
Happy Tuesday...

Monday Unexpected.

Some surprise sun and almost warm air gave us a good start to our week.

It led to an impromptu jaunt along the river.
(Don't worry the boy on the left doesn't have gummy arms, he just tucked them into his shirt.)

Which then moved right into some very, bad guilty pleasures. Gulp.

Quite honestly, I didn't see a glimmer of guilt in the kids faces. I just heard a bunch of contented sighs and lip smacking. I will shoulder the burden of guilt alone then I guess.

But, I don't feel so bad really - only because they shared.

Hope you had a nice, guilt-free Monday...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Not So Handy.

I tried to get some shots of Minna's sweet little nails. She had her first manicure from Grandma and is very proud. Hey! I just came to the realization that my baby is more put together than I. There hasn't been polish on these nails in ages...

Here, it appears, she is busily cooking her baby goose. The polish doesn't quite show up but the picture was too funny not to use.

In the outtake below, she was helping me style the scarf I am working on. See the teeny, pale pink nails? There they are! So cute.

(I will be talking about the scarf next week. Oh, there is a story there, wait 'n see.)

So, while Minna was cooking, the boys and I were making fun dough for Colyer's weekly family homework. I learned good and well why I don't usually skip ingredients. We didn't have one (as it turns out, very crucial) ingredient and instead of soft dough we ended up with some form of plaster. Oh boy. We kept adding flour and water and more flour hoping to save it. All we did was encrust our hands and counter top and sink. That stuff was THICK and dried lightning fast.

(Photo by Sully)

We learned a lot though and Colyer has a funny story to report to his teacher. Plus three of us, including mess-conscious Sully, got our hands dirty.

Not Minna though. Didn't want to muck-up that manicure I guess. Could have been all the hollering and ew-ing going on. She did not go near it and kept close to her baby goose instead.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Needles Of Late...

I finished my first embroidery project since the move! I have not been picking up that hoop as much as I would like. I did like this project though. I liked it a ton.

It was my first embroidery in my new house and it was a special gift for my best friend. Special because it's a housewarming gift for HER new house! Yay!

We are so happy for them. And even though we are happy for us too-in our new place, there is just nothing like owning your own home.

So congrats Julie and Justin, hope you find a little corner of your new nest for that little tree...

It was kinda neat putting my name on something and passing it along. I tried to be subtle about it, but it's there. An "I was here" of sorts.

I was super nervous about giving it to them because I am new to this handmade gig and there is a lot of pressure in receiving a handmade gift. I just don't want any recipient (or victim) to feel pressured into displaying something just because I made it.

I won't be scanning your place for it or anything. So please invite me over even if you hate my stuff and tucked it into the back of your closet, O.K.?

That goes for all of you. ;)

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Can't Complain.

Because of where we live in California we really aren't allowed to complain about Winter.

We get cold, gray at times and we get a little rain, but all in all it's not what you could call a long hard season. Nothing dramatic.

Our little family has just been so busy with moving and a new job schedule that I haven't even been able to think about getting tired of the weather.

Today though, when I was outside playing and enjoying a Spring touched day, I realized just how much I am looking forward to shorter sleeves and longer days.

Last night my boys were helping Grandma make dinner and they were framed by a sunny window. Sun! Still! After 5:00pm! Wow, that was a pretty sight. I have really been missing that.

I brought some embroidery outside earlier to see the light of day. I just relaxed and stitched and watched.

I don't need to rush Winter, but I sure am glad Spring is not far off.

You seeing any touches of Spring yet?
Hope so.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cuttin' Out Some Love.

I really enjoyed Valentine card making this year. I love how thoughtful the boys were in crafting each and every one. They cut with precision, never complained and used their best penmanship. (Colyer had to keep pointing that last one out to me and I kept the compliments comin'.)

I am going to hold onto the memories of this year because I don't know how much longer my fast growing boys will want to take the time to cut hearts out for all the kids at school. I also don't know if they will always want to sit beside me to glue and fold and dream up some sweet words.

The day will come that they will want store bought Star Wars cards-if any at all. Then they might not want to cuddle by the fire and fill them out with their old Ma. I need to be prepared for that, I know. But, I will be constantly reminding them that my glue sticks and scissors are always ready if any hearts need to be cut.

My heart will always be in it...

Now, for even more hearts- I tried so hard to perfect just ONE crochet heart pattern. I wasn't successful. I tried many and all were not quite right. My crocheting I mean, not the patterns. I am sure the patterns were just fine. I made so many and then couldn't figure out which was which! Some turned out anatomically correct I think.

At least the yarns were nice and I am really enjoying the smaller sized hooks. They haven't seen the end of me yet...

Hope you are all lovin' it up this weekend. I know I will be.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh It's In The Mail...

I love cutting hearts out of felt and paper. (More on the paper hearts tomorrow.)

I also love getting my kids to hug each other and let me photograph them tangled in aforementioned felt hearts.

I love turning my favorite shot into postcards.

Then I love having chubby little fingers help me poke down those postcard stamps. It's an important job you know...

I don't really love clumsily dashing across a busy highway to get those lovingly stamped postcards into the mail box on time though.

But I made it,

and our hearts are in the mail.

You have your love-notes sent off yet?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stuffing More Warmth Wherever We Can.

The boys have been daydreaming and planning and flipping through this cute book for ages.

Finally we had the moment and the materials to bring those dreams to life. Hey, they are not perfect but it was fun and the results are so sweet and warm and squishy. What could be better than that?

Sully wanted "Mad Dog". Colyer wanted "Lucy's Monster", although he decided to call it "Colyer's Monster" and immediately asked, "Who's Lucy anyway?" Fair enough.

We had some warm fleece in black and red which forced me to learn how to sew with somewhat thick and stretchy fabric. I must note that my machine handled it like a champ.

Instead of buying some form of stuffing- we used soft fabric scraps and stuffed 'em up. It was pretty fun and a good use of materials that we already had.

The boys have had constant companions the past few nights to keep them warm in bed. Man it is cold out here now that the rain has subsided.

A little handmade fleece buddy never hurts when it's cold.

Happy (and hopefully warm) Wednesday!

Saturday, February 6, 2010