Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Can't Complain.

Because of where we live in California we really aren't allowed to complain about Winter.

We get cold, gray at times and we get a little rain, but all in all it's not what you could call a long hard season. Nothing dramatic.

Our little family has just been so busy with moving and a new job schedule that I haven't even been able to think about getting tired of the weather.

Today though, when I was outside playing and enjoying a Spring touched day, I realized just how much I am looking forward to shorter sleeves and longer days.

Last night my boys were helping Grandma make dinner and they were framed by a sunny window. Sun! Still! After 5:00pm! Wow, that was a pretty sight. I have really been missing that.

I brought some embroidery outside earlier to see the light of day. I just relaxed and stitched and watched.

I don't need to rush Winter, but I sure am glad Spring is not far off.

You seeing any touches of Spring yet?
Hope so.

1 comment:

  1. Cherry blossoms on the tree next door are starting to, well, blossom! It's so pretty :]