Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Skunky Scarf.

Here is the Skunk Scarf run down...

A while back I finally pulled out some soft, squishy gray yarn that I had been saving to make a soft, squishy, over sized scarf. I chose to single crochet only and came to find that SC doesn't lend itself to squishy.

Here it is after almost 2 skeins. Soft, but a little tight for what I wanted.

So for the first time ever, I ripped my work out. Row after row of work.

This is big for me. I never stop a movie in the middle even if I am hating it. I don't only half-read books, even if I am bored to tears because to have a true opinion of something I feel I need to complete it. To decide not to finish a project AND rip and start over is a weird concept for me.

I am totally O.K. with that walk on the wild side though. No regrets. Now I am knitting it instead and guess what? I am even going to use a pattern! Man, I am gettin' all crazy aren't I?

Now for the Skunky part.

This yarn looks exactly like our dog, Roo. Where does the yarn end and the dog begin? Here she is attacking it which speaks to our relationship and how much respect she has for me and my belongings. (This isn't the place for ranting or complaining so we will move right along.)

Well, Roo was sprayed by a skunk not long before this picture was taken therefore the scent of skunk was and is very present even after repeated washings. (I wouldn't wish being sprayed in the face on anybody, even my worst canine enemy. Really, poor girl. Poor us too.)

Now the yarn also reminds me of skunk. Plus, after being in Roo's mouth I swear I can smell that distinct smell. No one else can, but I know I am not imagining it.

Here are the rolled-up-again balls of yarn. I have casted on-ready to begin again.

And when the smell truly does fade, I am hoping to have a soft, comfy, over sized wrap or scarf to help me remember when...

You do anything out of character and been pleasantly surprised lately?
Heck, it's only smelly yarn right?

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