Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tickled In The New Year.

Oh my how long it has been.

I have been surprised and blushing at all the sweet wonderings about me and my lil' blog. Thank you! And yes, yes YES! I am keeping up the blog thing! I have dearly missed compiling my daily ramblings and photos and relishing in the good that can come from each and everyday. I have to be honest and say that there have been moments, days even, over the past few months when finding a snapshot or squeezing out some positive words that were worth you time would have been difficult for me. I still believe that there is always something lovely and important to share from each and every one of these days that fly by us. Even from the hard ones.

As you can see we have a new header. Nothin' fancy. I will pretty it up when we have our computer set up again. The poor thing didn't weather the move all that well. I am still working from my iPad and Jeff's notebook when I can steal it from him. The iPad remains a mystery to me but it is still a neat little gadget anyway. No matter how it gets posted I am excited to start sharing again. So, the blog address is the same out of convenience and as a nod to where this all started, out in Two Rock. Hope you enjoy the new scenery.

We certainly are, in this new year with new ground under our feet.

Now we are... "Out Here In The Flats".

And it's darn good to be back.