Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Abercrombie. Because The Pictures Have Blue Skies.

A while back we took a walk.

We take this walk often because it is perfect for little and big legs alike. 
It also keeps the grown-up's blood moving if you keep at brisk kid pace. 

These kids are swift.

Up and down little hills. 
Through mossy soft trees and around lily pad pile-ups.

This is the only place I have ever been, 
that you start in a damp forest where you are sure fairies live, 
(They do! I just know it!) 
and end up on a rocky seashore with foghorns in the distance. 

We hit the shore this particular trip, 
just in time for low low tide and these kids hunted and observed for hours.

The waves when rushing in and out fast, 
make the rocks wiggle just so. 
They make a sound that always reminds me of our first walk here. 
It was three years ago, before we even had a house.

But we had a favorite walk.

The sky out here is darker and the air cooler. 
The rain has returned after a long sunny break.
Its windy and the water is less than calm.

I bet the rocks are making that sound out there right now. 
And the horizon surely is hidden, the foghorn steady.

To get back to the car, we curve around the lake, back through the moss.
A nice loop.

Time for another walk.
(Or a visit to see the fairies. Depends on who you ask.)

Happy Wednesday!