Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Defined.

Firstly, Spring is defined by even less time, all the way upstairs on the computer fooling with pictures and posting here. Outside is where everything is happening. If it is light out, which is from 6:30am til around 10:00pm right now, I cant justify being at my desk. 

This is when my bedtime starts to get very, very late.

It's also defined by sitting on the deck. In actual chairs just pulled out of storage, and kids forgetting long sleeves.

Spending most of the week in footwear other than boots.

Friend's kites.

Lingering at the beach instead of speed walking right on through because you are frozen.

More park time.

Walking a bit further and having thawed hands for climbing and swinging.

Increased time at the gym for soccer...

 ...and at the dance studio, readying for recitals.

And for me, Spring means color creeping into my blackwork. 

Makes me quite happy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend.

A glimpse of Easter before it's next Easter.

Going through the weekend's photos I was surprised at how few I had of the boys. Then saddened a bit because I think its because they weren't as excited about the kid stuff that comes with the holiday. They didn't dye many eggs or show a huge interest in hunting them either. We still had fun of course and the boys always help make things special for little sis.

Egg coloring break for handstands. They are learning gymnastics in P.E. right now. Did you get to do gymnastics in school? I didn't! School would have been paradise for me if I had.

Biking after coloring. Hello non-iced road. Hello bikes. We missed you.

We dyed thirty Araucana eggs. They dye so darn beautifully. Never going back to white.

Easter morning baskets were all about mini clip boards, crayons, Lego guys, glitter, a few chocolates and new toothbrushes. (So simple and healthy mouth centered, Easter Bunny.)

Egg hunt and dinner at the fire house. We have had a good run of Jeff being home for holidays. He was on shift for this one.

The kids didn't mind.

Hope you had a lovely egg filled 
weekend with your friends and family too.