Monday, February 1, 2010

Pay No Mind To That Girl Behind There...

The word of the day, wait for it, CURTAINS.

I have so many white panels and drapes from our homes over the years that I really can't justify buying more window coverings of any shape or form. I am kind of over the white on white look though.

That is where my new sewing machine and desire to make stuff comes in! I hemmed and cropped and stitched leaves and abstract flowers this weekend and got a good start on covering up all our new windows. They sure don't seem as crazy white now. I may have to try dyeing a panel or two next and see what happens.

Plus I am at this again. (It always bugged me that I didn't have enough red to make it all the way around.)

So if you look through one of our windows that is not yet covered, don't be surprised if you find Minna tangled in miles of fabric strips and me on the floor cutting up old sheets and things.

Don't mind us, that's the norm around here right now.

Hope Monday was good...

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