Thursday, July 23, 2009

End Of A Project, Beginning Of Our Weekend.

Just wanted to show ya that mini rag rug all finished!

For all you rag rug pros and purists you will see it ain't perfect. I don't think I was using the right stitch but I tell ya, I had a great time doing it! It's sturdy yet soft to stand or sit on. It will certainly do the job. It is even cute on the backside with all the dang knots and ties that ended up there because I cut ALL SIX blankets wrong. I had to tie on a bunch of short pieces throughout the process. Like I said, it is still pretty cute. (Minna likes the back best.)

It took me two days of sneaking stitches in when I could. I broke two hooks and got the bruised hands to prove it! I insisted on pulling so snug and tight even when warned not to. Oh well, next time I will try to hang loose a bit.

Here is M busily playing in her nook which is so nicely accented with her own teeny rug. (Please excuse the zebra bum in the background.)

With that done and done, I am working on some embroidery. (I was inspired by The Creative Family, By Amanda Blake Soule.) My husband whom is apparently expert in all things needle and thread, has informed me that I am not doing a proper stitch. Turns out he is right but I am still happy with the way it looks. I want to stretch the finished piece over some wood and hang it above Minna's changing table. More on that later...

Tomorrow we are off on ANOTHER camping adventure! The kids are ready for more dirt, water and S'mores. (I must admit, so am I.) I'll be back Sunday with a million photos I am sure...

Hope you get a long weekend too! 

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