Friday, July 31, 2009


Well who would have known that all those five petal flowers, stars and silly doodles I have been drawing all my life would come to serve a purpose. Those little "cartoons" as I called them, were just meant to be embroidered. I have found a new hobby and can be caught up very late stitching away. I am doing my own renegade-style embroidery but that is O.K. I think I can still call it embroidery...right?

I have finished two pieces, both shown unfinished here. One is an ode to the beloved sunflowers. (I know, enough with the sunflowers already.) I am going to wrap both around some wood or something else recycled perhaps and hang them with ribbon.

I also got some transfers in a little book called Sublime Stitching Craft Pad. I think I will find I want to do my own designs though. So fun.

So much fun in fact, the boys love it too! We are going to do their names and the whole alphabet, then cut each piece into a triangle and string them like a banner. (Thanks again to The Creative Family, for ideas.) 

My 4 year old is quite steady and prefers a nice tiny stitch. I am amazed at his coordination and attention to detail. I swear it happened over night. I guess he really IS ready for Kindergarten. (Don't get me started, I don't have kleenex close by.) 

My big boy took pride in how fast he was. "Done! Ready for the next letter Mom!"

Well, I will be stitching up a storm over here this weekend. But only after we party with a certain one year old we know. 

Hope you have a great weekend and get to party-it-up too!

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  1. Who would have known that almost 4 years later you would be showing your little artsy bits in the college library in Kodiak. Wish I had known ahead. I would have come to see. Saw it in the newspaper last night. N