Wednesday, July 29, 2009

RIP 2XEN144.

So the old girl has finally passed on. Her poor old body will be towed tomorrow. Off to a better place.

She had a long productive life though.

Many a 15 year old Streeter Kid learned to drive behind her sleek grey wheel.

She safely got a gaggle of girls to and from school many, many times. You can still hear the echos of giggles and tears behind that sliding door.

On one memorable occasion, one of the above mentioned Streeter kids (not to be named) made an attempt to be cool and "cruise Mendo".  She busted a sharp u-turn at the end of the strip only to see all of her and her friends singles tapes (remember those?) slide across the dash and out the passenger window, never to be seen again. The old van hugged us and made us happy that we didn't tip or fly out the windows ourselves.

In her golden years she started a new life as an emergency response vehicle. She was the first to arrive on scene for many accidents and fires here in Two Rock. She brought comfort to people just waiting for SOMEONE to show up. It usually was the old girl and within her, a trusty Volunteer Firefighter/EMT. Help had arrived.

The mini-van was dependable and with a style all her own, she always got us where we needed to go.

Thanks for everything, it has been a great ride.

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