Monday, July 20, 2009

Sully And Me Time.

So I have noticed over the past year that out of all of us, my Sully-boy has had the hardest time adjusting to a new baby in the house. 

I was surprised because he is already a seasoned big brother and really had no problem with Colyer moving on in almost 5 years ago. The only difference this time was that he was in school and away from us for a huge chunk of the day.

I started getting some very non-Sully attitude after school and felt he was somehow angry with me and little sis quite often. I thought he was feeling left out when he went off to class and for all he knew, the other kids and I were off to the amusement park or camping out at the toy store.  Then when he got home, we would dive into homework and dinner and all the while I had a baby attached to me. 

So more Sully and Mom time was in tall order! Extra books of his choosing, running into the store-just him and I, impromptu swings on the hammock or bike rides with no siblings to compete with have really helped. The little but big things to a kid.

Just the two of us took a hike to the blackberry bush at the bottom of the property. I had no idea if there were ripe blackberries or not and neither of us cared.

We had fun,

walking and talking.

We had time to stop and make a wish because I wasn't chasing a toddler to keep her out of the cow-pond.

Sully got a turn behind the camera which I think was a highlight for him. He took 100 pictures, all lovely. Note the shot above.

The highlight for me?  A bright and true Sully-boy smile.

Have a great Monday!

PS- Speaking of new babies, I get to meet Carter Aaron tonight, yay!

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