Sunday, July 5, 2009

Feeling Independent.

Yesterday was a fun day for my younger boy.

His good friend came up for a day of tree-climbin', booby-trappin' and knock-knock jokin'. 

Colyer in his black Spidey suit-

"Who's there?"
"Bee who?"
"There's a Bee on you! Woooo-hooo!"
"Get it?"

Caleb with cherry juice on his face-

"Who's there?"
"Lamp." (pronounced "yamp")
"Lamp who?"
"You're a lamp 'cuz you're HOT!"

All jokes followed by hysterical laughter and wiggling. Very entertaining.

What made it all the more fun is they got to run the show because both of their older siblings were off doing other bigger-kid things. Big brother and big sis were missed but a day of doing only what THEY wanted to do must have felt really good.

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