Friday, July 3, 2009

Big Guys Weekend.

With new hiking boots, his own pack, shiny pocket knife and a bandana like his Dad's, my big boy is off for the ultimate guys weekend. 

General guy-tinerary;

Motorcycle ride
Big hike
Gobble up camping food
Counting stars
Sleeping under the big sky
More gobbling
Camp snacking
Sleeping yet another night under the big sky
Snacking on camp snacks
Hike again
Motorcycle all the way home:)

Us folks left behind have fun plans too! Swimming, fireworks and fish-n-chips, friends and a movie night with a fort in the living-room. Fun, fun...

Next time my lil' boy will be off hiking too. As much as I will love having girl time, this house is WAY too quiet without my busy boys. 

So have fun but hurry up with all that guy-ness, we miss you!!!

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