Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Rag Rug Odyssey, REVISITED

I am making a mini rag rug for Minna's little kitchen area that the boys and I made for her (and me:) months ago. Here is the tutorial I used from the neat-o blog, thisvintagechica.

The fabric balls you can make once you cut your fabric into strips is one of the reasons I really wanted to make a rug. These balls are some of Minna's receiving blankets that came in matchy-match packages. Plus I included one of the little blankets I got in Italy when Sully was a baby. Cute huh? Again, I am so easily amused...

Here I am at 2:00am, in the dark trying to re-teach myself how to crochet. Turns out it's not like riding a bike, at least for me it isn't.

Over the hump and kind of getting it. I am happy with the color combo so far. Thank you matchy-match packs!

Here it is as of yesterday afternoon. 

Only two more fabric balls to go and I got myself an imperfect rag rug for my girl. She sure loves to lay her head on it and feel the knots and frays of fabric between her fingers. We will see how it looks when I am finished, tomorrow perhaps!

For now, off to have some pizza and fun with our Pleasant Hill folk. 

Have a great Friday!

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