Friday, February 19, 2010

Not So Handy.

I tried to get some shots of Minna's sweet little nails. She had her first manicure from Grandma and is very proud. Hey! I just came to the realization that my baby is more put together than I. There hasn't been polish on these nails in ages...

Here, it appears, she is busily cooking her baby goose. The polish doesn't quite show up but the picture was too funny not to use.

In the outtake below, she was helping me style the scarf I am working on. See the teeny, pale pink nails? There they are! So cute.

(I will be talking about the scarf next week. Oh, there is a story there, wait 'n see.)

So, while Minna was cooking, the boys and I were making fun dough for Colyer's weekly family homework. I learned good and well why I don't usually skip ingredients. We didn't have one (as it turns out, very crucial) ingredient and instead of soft dough we ended up with some form of plaster. Oh boy. We kept adding flour and water and more flour hoping to save it. All we did was encrust our hands and counter top and sink. That stuff was THICK and dried lightning fast.

(Photo by Sully)

We learned a lot though and Colyer has a funny story to report to his teacher. Plus three of us, including mess-conscious Sully, got our hands dirty.

Not Minna though. Didn't want to muck-up that manicure I guess. Could have been all the hollering and ew-ing going on. She did not go near it and kept close to her baby goose instead.

Happy Friday!

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