Friday, February 12, 2010

Cuttin' Out Some Love.

I really enjoyed Valentine card making this year. I love how thoughtful the boys were in crafting each and every one. They cut with precision, never complained and used their best penmanship. (Colyer had to keep pointing that last one out to me and I kept the compliments comin'.)

I am going to hold onto the memories of this year because I don't know how much longer my fast growing boys will want to take the time to cut hearts out for all the kids at school. I also don't know if they will always want to sit beside me to glue and fold and dream up some sweet words.

The day will come that they will want store bought Star Wars cards-if any at all. Then they might not want to cuddle by the fire and fill them out with their old Ma. I need to be prepared for that, I know. But, I will be constantly reminding them that my glue sticks and scissors are always ready if any hearts need to be cut.

My heart will always be in it...

Now, for even more hearts- I tried so hard to perfect just ONE crochet heart pattern. I wasn't successful. I tried many and all were not quite right. My crocheting I mean, not the patterns. I am sure the patterns were just fine. I made so many and then couldn't figure out which was which! Some turned out anatomically correct I think.

At least the yarns were nice and I am really enjoying the smaller sized hooks. They haven't seen the end of me yet...

Hope you are all lovin' it up this weekend. I know I will be.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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