Friday, February 5, 2010

Piled Up.

We were just hit with another rainy storm and I didn't realize the first one had ended! These rainy days are just running into one another. Of course we need the rain but this gal appreciates a break in between storms. Especially when these long, un-California-like patches hit us.

We have been keeping busy though. Lots of chopping and stacking of wood. So fun! The joys of a fireplace. One day this week when the sun was peeking through we headed outside to do some firewood tendin'.

Some helped more than others. Ahem. Of course SOMEONE had to take the pictures and there sure was some fun exploring to keep little fingers busy. I think we have been feeling cooped-up and really needed a dry day to explore our new yard.

More perfect roaming days are to come and we are looking forward to them.

Inside the projects are piling up too! There are stuffed animals (our first!) to be made...

and this pile of old shower curtains has been waiting and waiting to be cut up and made over into a bag. Haven't fully decided on the pattern yet. So many to choose from. Craft books these days are just beautiful to look at and are such a fun part of the making process. I got myself a growing pile of those too.

Well, I will be making the most of the weekend out here. Perhaps I'll decide on a bag once and for all.

Have a great one yourselves.

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