Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Expected.

We knew the rain would be here again eventually and here it is!

The chilly damp kept us in,

with socks on, gripping lil' cups of cocoa.

We got to concentrate on some "paper" work that just had to be completed.

And I, finally got some old favorites up on my bedroom wall where they rightfully belong.

You folks stuck inside too? That's O.K. sometimes isn't it?

Sure is.
Happy Tuesday...


  1. All of this looks so wonderful. I especially like the paper crafts and the framed photos. I really need to get some pictures up over the next few weeks. I have been saying that i would do it for months now

  2. Hey thanks! I feel we are officially moved in now that my fave photos are up. phew! Looking forward to the Spring edition of Rhythm Of The Home. Bet you are busy... :)