Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stuffing More Warmth Wherever We Can.

The boys have been daydreaming and planning and flipping through this cute book for ages.

Finally we had the moment and the materials to bring those dreams to life. Hey, they are not perfect but it was fun and the results are so sweet and warm and squishy. What could be better than that?

Sully wanted "Mad Dog". Colyer wanted "Lucy's Monster", although he decided to call it "Colyer's Monster" and immediately asked, "Who's Lucy anyway?" Fair enough.

We had some warm fleece in black and red which forced me to learn how to sew with somewhat thick and stretchy fabric. I must note that my machine handled it like a champ.

Instead of buying some form of stuffing- we used soft fabric scraps and stuffed 'em up. It was pretty fun and a good use of materials that we already had.

The boys have had constant companions the past few nights to keep them warm in bed. Man it is cold out here now that the rain has subsided.

A little handmade fleece buddy never hurts when it's cold.

Happy (and hopefully warm) Wednesday!


  1. That is so incredibly sweet. My oldest is laying right next to me, and we just asked if we could make the same thing

  2. Thanks! They really are cute. Even more so in person:) They have a nice feel with the fabric scraps inside. You guys would have fun with that book I bet. Happy Valentine's day!