Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breaching The Lines of The Man-Cave.

Alert Alert! Something little and cute with pink toenails (yes, I painted her toes) has infiltrated the "Man-Cave"! 
Almost everyday the boys, big and small come out of that thing with a plane that really flies made from scrap wood or something else equally neat. Well now the little trailer that somehow holds all of the tools, workbenches, wood and RC paraphernalia that used to be housed in a two car garage, needs an extra stool. Minna can be spotted tinkering and poking around in there too! 
It isn't as though the boys have made girls feel unwelcome in the past. Supposedly there is even chair set out just for me somewhere. I have just always loved that the little boys and their Dad had a special place to be together and brainstorm and build. What I love even more is that little sis can watch her Daddy build little motors and paint and glue and dig around in the scrap bin alongside her three favorite boys. 

Can't wait for the day she bursts through the screen door with something she worked really hard on in her hands, just dying to show me how it works.

Guess I can't call it the "man-cave" or "man-trailer" anymore. "The Workshop" perhaps? Maybe just "The Trailer" will stick. Either way, I am glad the boys AND girl, have it around.

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