Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Only Took A Decade.

Look at this new neck warmer or half scarf. If you really wanna get fancy, you can call it neck-candy. This thing was 10 years in the making and it is finally finished and ready to wear when cold weather and wind hits Two Rock. I started it when we lived in Silverdale, Washington and I was just learning to knit. It was supposed to be a long scarf/wrap but I saw some cute neck warmers in this book that inspired me to use one skein. Plus I certainly didn't mind cutting time in half either. Could have taken me 20 total! Just kidding, this is only the second time picking up this project in the past 10. I am addicted to yarn again...
I knitted furiously for two days then went to Knitterly and got cute buttons, tied them on and viola, finished! I am starting a new scarf, hopefully full length and will be taking a knitting class with my Mother-in-law next month. Fun! Now I can learn the right way to hold the needles. Somehow I don't think propping a needle on my hip is correct, hmm?

Here I am modeling it, which is mortifying by the way and very difficult to edit oneself. Not to mention steamy hot because it nearly hit 90 today. (Photograph courtesy of Sully-boy.)

Have a nice evening and hope you finish something neat and creative from your to-do list. 

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