Monday, August 10, 2009

Colyer's The Big 5!

The lil' boy is 5 today. 
This little mop-headed kid keeps this household so entertained that I don't know what we are gonna do in two weeks when school starts. He has us laughing daily. And ungracefully yelling ridiculous things like, "Colyer! Stop yelling stop!" 

Life is certainly never dull with him around.

Some Other Colyer Contradictions-

-He was born beautifully and gently into warm water yet for his first two years HATED the bath.

-He's constantly arguing with big brother to get his fair share but when apart, say at the grocery store and the nice cashier offers him a treat, he ALWAYS makes sure to get an extra for Sully, always.

-He hates the camera and is always wiggling and putting hands or feet in the way or sticking his tongue out, but his attempts are futile. I can not get a bad shot of that boy. I call him "Beau Handsome" and he gets really mad.

Things I Will Miss Because He Keeps Growing Up-

-A very subtle stutter which has almost disappeared. I will never forget "Wuv you, you, you too."

-Little knock-knees that caused the poor kid to trip on air. "I'm O.K. I just tripped on air again!"

-Sleepwalking into bed with us just before dawn every morning. That bed-head has to have broken some records. He wants to cut it today and have it shorter like Sully. I will really miss that crazy hair.

-Being the loudest kid in the room. I have always taken a quiet pride in that:) He is still very loud but more controlled. I guess that is what 5 does to you.

So tonight at our Big 5 pizza party,  5 year old Colyer will be at the head of the table with a big kid haircut and big kid bike (with hand brakes!) waiting back at home. 

I will be quietly looking on and remembering him on his first tricycle, trying to keep up with Sully. I will be remembering the feel of that fuzzy, wet little brand-newborn head and the excitement of finding out we had another boy. We had our Colyer.

What a great boy he is. 

Happy Birthday Cauley!

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