Friday, August 28, 2009

It's A Go!

I have mentioned the books Handmade Home and The Creative Family a bunch of times, I know, and here I go again. 

There is the cutest journal project in Handmade Home that I have been wanting to do. I want to make several just to be used as journals or scrapbooks for the boys and one for me to scribble all my lists and stuff. But I also wanted to make one to use in a special way.

Introducing, The Pen Pal Journal! 

We made ours out of binder paper, the backs of old homework, used coloring book pages and an old, cut up folder for the covers.

I got my friend Isabel and her two girls, very dear friends from our Navy family days, on board and we are going to do collages, collect treasures, write, draw and have all kinds of pen-pal fun. 

I can't wait to get started!

They have a great home school going on over there so I am hoping our little journal will lend itself to all sorts of learning about states, cities, time and anything else that comes up. 

Have a lovely weekend and stick something in the mail for a far away friend!

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