Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crafty Organizer.

With the boys at school and Minna being as easy-going as she is, I seem to have a tad more time on my hands during the day so I want to use them more. My hands, I mean.

I have said that I have been feeling the need to be creative and learn or re-learn some skills like knitting and needlework and I have fallen hopelessly in love with embroidery. I got books, I got linen, I got cute scissors, I got needles, I got cards, (yes embroidery on paper!) and best of all I got floss. 

We love the floss. Kids are great for picking out colors by the way. All this creativity and designing and stitching has led to quite a collective mess in the office/craft room/storage room. It's an ongoing dilemma

First order of business, organize that floss! We wind up our floss, we stack it and bunch it all up. One of us, I won't name names, drags it around with one end in her mouth. It's one flossy disaster. 

So, when I came across this old, now new knitting project, I also stumbled upon a half finished, oddly sized crocheted hat. It was too big for even the biggest of heads so I wasn't inspired to finish it. That's OK because it has a new purpose.

You guessed it, holding our floss! I love just grabbing my hoop and yarn bowl of thread when I am ready to stitch. It is cute and a decent size for now but we will certainly need more room someday. Like I said, storage is an ongoing dilemma

What has been one of your best unexpected and fun organizational solutions? I'd love to hear them.

Have a great day!

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  1. What a great idea. You have the ability to display it so pretty, and then it is a functional way to organize as well. Great idea