Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Cheap Date.

As the butterflies flitted in my stomach, excited and nervous about J's first day on the job, I knew I just needed to get out of the house. The boys and I decided to go out for a stroll. 

Petaluma Downtown is the best you can find for strolling and window shopping. The boys help push Minna along (usually arguing over who gets to do so) and we just soak it all in. Fun way to pass the time.

We had to stop at The Seed Bank because Sully was so impressed with the idea of a "seed bank" in a very old building that used to be a "real bank", with money instead of seeds. "That's a REALLY good idea!" He said. 

Then, after the bookstore, knitting store and others it's time for Heebee-Jeebee. (Couldn't find a web-site or photo. I'll keep looking.) What a cool place. They have a bit of everything. Cool wood toys, an old photo booth, gag gifts, natural fiber children's clothing, etc. 

Best of all they have "The Champion".  An antique horse that still works and gives a pretty lengthy jaunt. We got our 25 cents worth out of the day for sure. 

Plus, the fresh air tamed the butterflies...

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