Monday, August 17, 2009


Morning, it's early.

After some huddling close in a sleeping house over some eggs, I just listened to J's motorcycle speed off.

After A LOT of work, training, devotion and a tad of luck, he just rode off in the direction of his first day as a paid firefighter in San Fransisco. 

It is a scary and bold move.

He leaves monotonous hours behind a desk (not at all where he belongs), for ever-changing, hectic overnight shifts. The days of feeling secure, especially by today's standards, in a stable federal job are over. Instead, he will be gaining priceless experience in a less-than-stable job that makes his heart race. A job that he is meant to do. A job that he has done happily, free of charge for two years. 

I am really proud of him, of course, but mostly I am happy for him. It is not easy being a one income family and he has always carried that responsibility without complaint. Now, he's doing what he loves. Few experience that.

Still a scary move? Sure. Will it be easy? Nope. Not for any of us. Worrying about job permanence, his safety, missing one another, and that schedule!

Not easy for sure. For him, there is no doubt that it was the right move and worth it, worth it all.

As for me?

HE'S worth it.

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  1. What a beautiful post (and picture)
    One of our closest friends is a Denver Firefighter, and I am always amazed by the courage and devotion that he brings to his job. I wish your family much safety and peace.