Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yup. Fishin' Is Big Here.

We weren't here a full day before my boys caught the fishin' bug.

Not hard to see why when we are surrounded by rivers and lakes that call out, begging to be fished in that are right off the main road with no parking restrictions or fees. (Imagine that, Nor-Cal folk.) Most families here are long time hard working fishing families and Kodiak's fishing history is very long. It is all around us.

It seems that one may be on their way to the grocery store or the post office but if there is a pole in the trunk the post office may close before that mail is fetched and someone from home will be calling to see where the milk is.

Not saying that I am speaking from experience...yet.

Anyway, we had about two full nights sleep before the boys made a fishing pole AND CAUGHT A FISH in the back yard! I couldn't believe it.

They let the fish go but I see many more in the near future and I think that is the best fishin' pole I ever did see.

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  1. And after Aug. 1st every year there is a deer rifle in the car just in case. N