Monday, September 20, 2010


I am surrounded by mountains of clothing.

My poor girl hustled around with me in her jams all day folding and putting stuff in the right suitcases for me. I tell ya, an extra pair of hands is crucial in packing for five. We will be living out of these suitcases for quite some time too. For two weeks here and then some more in Kodiak until we find our new home.

I can't wait to make a new home for us. This one is feeling less like ours as we pick things apart and make piles and clean everything before it is all whisked North.

I am posting the first ever Out Here'n Two Rock photo so it can also be the last. It captures the feel of our lives and home here so well. It will be exactly how I remember it here too. I can smell that grass. I can hear the boys running through it in their squeeky boots. I remember how next to me, Jeff and Minna squinted into that evening sun. Minna's grinning baby face was glowing.

I also remember how lucky I felt to be out here.

I can't wait to find that one special shot that captures the feel of our new home and the lives we will make for ourselves in our new town. I am excited to share it all with you when I have my computer back. I am excited to go even though this move is hard for me. I don't know for sure if it's a good thing or the right thing. What I do know is that it is the thing for us right now.

And we are pros at making things good.

See you on the other side...


  1. Good luck, Natalie. Hope you all have a smooth, safe transition.

  2. Honey, You ALWAYS create a beautiful and Happy place for your family! I can't wait to share it with you all! I Love you Honey!!!! from your Mother