Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Happy Coupl'a Cats Instead.

So I wanted to do some Teardroppin' today but I don't have the pictures I want yet. J is out there welding as I write this and he has been working like mad the past few days. So much to show and so little time. Next week, I promise.

Instead I am indulging and sharing a teeny embroidery that I am doing up for certain cat lover who is feeling a bit down about our upcoming move. (O.K., it's for J's mama.)

I stole the little drawing from one of our favorite books called, "Ginger" by Charlotte Voake. It is the sweetest book. It is even better if you love cats. The book is about a big kitty trying to adjust to a naughty kitten moving in with him. I have found it very helpful in talking with the boys when they were on the verge of getting a little brother, then a little sister.

Story line aside, today we cracked it open only for the great drawings of kitties! I will stitch these little guys sitting so content in their cardboard box, turn it into some sort of wall hanging and hopefully help cheer up our kitty-loving Grandma.

Plus it was fun to take pictures of my floss even though I hadn't noticed until now that I had my camera on the wrong setting.

I was just blinded by all that flossy prettiness.

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  1. Very thoughtful of you! The missing-family part is so hard.