Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To The Last Amazing Drop.

I may need to double post today because the time with my computer is running low and I have so much to show off!

We had yet another gathering with special folk in celebration of our move. This time it was a bunch of our Two Rock people and we spent the evening at the most beautifully amazing local ranch. I am talking a working organic dairy, an apple orchard with well over 100 varieties of organic apples and miles of land and lovely structures. Oh boy, did I say amazing?

Anyway, the wonderful family that opened their home to us let us make apple juice with an old apple press. Fun!

We had a bunch of those yummy apples.

We gathered all apples and humans in a pretty sun lit courtyard.

Lined up lots of eager, strong hands ready to get their turn at the wheel.

That then turned and squished and turned and squished.

And produced the prettiest, most delicious, amazing fresh apple juice.

It was a big hit with all of us and a memory that won't soon be forgotten. Poor Jeff now has yet another project on his to-do list because I want one of those nifty machines.



  1. Such gorgeous apple photographs. Looks like you all enjoyed a very special day

  2. i agree! a real apple press! i love it!