Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Teardroppin' For A While-All Buttoned Up

I say all "buttoned up" because Jeff has done all he can do before the move to finish our little trailer. She has to be lovingly wrapped and packed safe for the journey. We are all a bit bummed that the maiden voyage won't take place here, but we look forward to our first Alaskan adventure in our very special teardrop.

She is covered with cedar inside now. Smells nice but looks a little pink to me. I want a nice soft solid color in there and Jeff likes the natural cedar look. We will see which way it goes later on.

The sweetest addition to the trailer is a little bunk for Minna! It will also be a shelf when Minna starts sleeping in a tent or under the stars with the bigger kids. I love it so much! Jeff crafted such a pretty shelf. The curve of that ledge is so beautiful and professional looking. The man amazes me. (I know, I say that a lot:)

The coolness of that shelf doesn't stop there! Look, it lifts up too! How easy to make the bigger bed and get a little more space in there if needed. Perfect.

I still didn't get the pictures that I wanted to document everything that has been done lately. That hatch resting on top there has been attached with a long hinge. It lifts up to reveal an almost done kitchen and shelving and a someday cupboard. All the electrical is finished and hidden in a little box. There are four working lights. Plus a completely custom, metal, removable storage rack for the back. The outside has been meticulously sanded and sealed and re-sealed with a weather proof base coat that will someday be covered with the most perfect paint, if we can find and agree on that perfect color.

Wow. He has done so much and we all love it. I have enjoyed sharing and when we are settled in our new home and Jeff has the time to work on it again, I will be sure let you know.

Well then. The last "teardroppin' update". Tomorrow will be the last "this moment" post and I am sure I will be blabbering more so than usual for a Friday. I have to though because my "Out Here" posts from this little desk, out here in Two Rock will soon come to an end. Can you believe it? All these lasts may sound sad, but they are not. I am more excited than sad now.

And that is a good place to be.

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  1. So glad you're feeling excited. The teardroppin' looks like it's going so well, too!