Monday, September 6, 2010

The "Lasts".

Happy Monday! We had a busy one! Lots of running around and accumulating necessities and planning for the move. I think that is most of what we are doing these days.

My mind has been busy noting all of the "lasts" that have been happening lately. That is just about the easiest way to get a gal sad about stuff she is going to miss after she moves away. So I am trying to be kind to myself and not call them just "lasts" but "the last for a while..."

Here are some memories of just a few of those precious "lasts" that I will hold dear...

*Gathering with all the friends that grew up with us- into married couples, then into parents of many amazing children we couldn't have dreamed possible. Then having spent countless hours watching those kids grow and play, in that very pool.

*Hanging out with Dad while he works on all his projects in an old shipping container-turned-workshop in the middle of a dusty cattle truck turn around. Sometimes we were all very helpful. Sometimes we were just in the way. (I know you are gonna miss that too J.)

*Getting wound up after a yummy dinner at the R Family house and being so crazy and loud and silly that not one photo is clear and each child takes extra long to fall asleep.

*Driving over that bridge. Just as excited each and every time.

Ah, but here is a first. Me. In a hat. AND A WINTER COAT!
I am usually in flip-flops(or barefoot) year round
so cold weather gear really isn't in my closet, until now...

There are always "firsts" when you are faced
with the "lasts", aren't there?

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