Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I read about a neat contest and I am going to enter!

I don't usually feel compelled to enter these sorts of things but for some reason I just had to do it this time. I heard of it through the So September blog. I love Corrine's work and neat patterns.

Before I even made it over to Checkout Girl to find out the official rules, I had my design in my head, words picked out and my purdy blue linen hooped up.

The idea is to embroider a poem, original or quoted, and embellish it a bit while being sure to make the words the real subject of the piece.

I decided to stitch a snippet from a song called "Far Away" by Ingrid Michaelson that kinda makes me think of our soon-to-be life on a certain chilly island. I hope song lyrics are acceptable. Hmm? Too late now. I am going with it.

To frame the words, I doodled some dotted lines like the ones found on a map key and I roughly drew in some rugged lines that I hope resemble part of Kodiak's coastline. I thought I needed some frill, so I looked up Alaska's state flower, forget-me-nots by the way, and drew a few of those on.

For being last minute, and not doing any sketches and not being a smarty about poetry or beautiful words- I really like it so far. I will show you the finished project when I am done.

Wish me luck!

Gotta get back to stitchin'...


  1. I just heard about this contest and am debating whether I have time to do a piece in the midst of my other stuff or if that's just crazy. Love the theme of yours!

  2. Thanks! Go for it, but only if you won't need to be up til 2am working on your piece. Uh, wait. That is what I am doing... :)

  3. Hi Natalie,

    Your embroidery poem is lovely! I think you will really like Kodiak - beautiful scenery abounds for your photography and there are lots of activities for families that help us make it through the winter. I work at the Baranov Museum downtown, please call or stop by when you've arrived and settled. If I can answer any questions about Kodiak before-hand my email is

    Love your beautiful photos, Katie

  4. Thank you so much Katie! The countdown begins! We will be there in a couple of weeks, can't wait to explore. :)