Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pub Food!

I got to take some photos today!

Some photos of FOOD!

With crazy life going on these days it was fun to play with food for a bit
and try to capture it. I can see why food styling and photography is a specialty.

Not easy, but it was fun anyhow.

I hope I got some yummy shots that end up
being used in the club menu out here.

We will see.

The fries must have looked pretty good to somebody
because I noticed a few missing here and there.

I discovered the culprit as I started to edit.

Those are the precious little fingers of my trusty assistant.

I will be sure to dock her pay... ;)


  1. Is it sad that I recognized that food as soon as I saw it? I <3 the fried pickles.

  2. I thought they were good! I have been going around saying I got paid in pickles! Yay! Thanks for following. You will need to keep up with our Kodiak exploits...