Thursday, August 5, 2010

Simple As Diamonds and String.

Minna has a favorite daily craft project. Lucky for me it is so easy. Also, lucky for me she wants to do it so much because it is so darn cute. Her process is exactly the same each time.

Minna- "Paper?" (pronounced "pay-pair")

Me-"Sure. Here. Is this piece good?"

Minna- "Yesh. Cut?"

Me-"Sure. What shape do you want me to cut? A circle or a square or a star or...?"

Minna-"Yeah! Square!"

Me- snip-snip-snip. "Here you go. Do you need anything else?"

Minna- "Hole and string!" (pronounced "kwing!" and always shouted.)

I tend to the hole punching and wait for her to return with desired floss or yarn. I am always excited to see what she comes back with. I cut her finding the length she wants it and then tie it through the little hole.

Minna- "Hank yeeeeew!" Then off she goes for a few laps around the house with her sweet little kite. Sometimes she colors it later but mostly she leaves them plain.

Of course my wanting to post about Minna's little kites has nothing whatsoever to do with my desire to tie them to tree branches and photograph them. But that was fun anyhow.

Then Minna wanted to tie them onto her bed. Of course temporarily, they won't be there when it comes time to sleep. So now what to do with them? I wanted to leave them in the trees but it is way too windy. I am thinking they need to hang from the ceiling perhaps. We shall see.

For now, I must go. I have a hole to punch and some string to tie right this minute...

Have a lovely evening.


  1. What a sweet idea. My kiddos would love this. Love the way you recounted the conversation, too. I could totally hear it. ;)

  2. Thanks. Pure fun. I hope I can always remember her little voice asking to make kites... :)