Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pokin' Around The Yard.

The kids were playing outside today, soaking up their last summery days before school starts on Monday. (Monday! I know.) While they were playing with the hose and aiming water balloons at me, I poked around outside with my camera and tried to soak up what are technically our last summery days here in Two Rock all together. Staring to feel a little sad and a little more real each day.

I checked on my tomatoes, as I do everyday ready to see some red. I would even accept orange at this point, but no. I keep hoping for one little harvest before the move. Come on tomatoes! The plants are big and bushy and smell lovely. I really have been good about watering them too. I admit that some of the other poor plants out here have been neglected since I found out about the move. Maybe the tomatoes are having sympathy pains for their less fortunate planter box neighbors.

This little bunch of roses on a very small bush that I thought was done for the season was a pleasant surprise. There is some orange!

And these guys are so persistent, even with the crowding and lazy watering I have subjected them too. They just aim for the sun and keep blooming. Not a bad way to go about things.

Here is a little sign, made by my sister Jill. This little sign has moved with us several times and has hung proudly on many gates and posts and is now about to move again.

Think it's up to Alaskan climate?

I think so.

Hope you had a Happy Wednesday pokin' around too.

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