Monday, August 30, 2010

Kodiak Move: Phase 1-COMPLETE.

So we were near the docks today shipping off our truck. She is Kodiak bound and I am faced with the reality of it all.

(Yeah, we are moving. It's real Natalie.)

Before we sent our gal on her cruise we gave her a new look.

It was unanimous in the decision to get a camper shell. Dry groceries and a warm, dry dog seemed like nice things to have in Alaska.

So, she got her sleek new (mismatched) shell and we all like it. The kids love (loved) playing in there,

and Miss Roo seems to like it best.

Bon Voyage Truck! Have a relaxing trip and don't worry, we will be reunited in a month or so.

What's happening next?

Phase 2-Ship Household Goods
Phase 3-Ship Dad and Dog
Phase 4-Ship Mama and Babes

There is a lot to do and a lot of precious cargo to get over there safely.

Oh my. It's real.

Happy Monday!

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