Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday-Whoa Now!

I was asking myself why my lil' work room looks like this? It is a little messy. I have about 5 unfinished things going on in there and I feel as though I haven't sat at that chair in ages. In the background there, is a Two Rock mini quilt in the works. I haven't touched in weeks. Why is that?

Then I realized a few key things that have gone down lately that shouldn't be shocking to me right now...

My baby sister just got married! ...Wait.

My middle babe is six! SIX! ...Huh?
Wasn't he just born?

(photo borrowed from the photo gallery)

We are making plans, and very soon, will be moving to Kodiak.
What the?
You're pullin' my leg!

On top of all the above, school starts in less than two weeks, meaning summer is already almost over and we have been to the beach exactly twice. That is how busy our days have been out here.

I've got to go fold some fabric and wrap my mind around all this fast paced, crazy excitement.

Anyone else seeing life flash before their eyes these days?

(note about the yearly birthday-hat pictures- I am just realizing that my choice to stick Colyer with Jeff's sailor hat may have some unfortunate Village People references and jokes attached to it as he gets older. And because I am fully expecting all the kids to humor me and wear their chosen articles of clothing each birthday until they are well into their 40's, I will apologize to him one day. But tradition is tradition and until he has a problem with it, this will stay between you and I. Plus he is so darn tootin' cute in it.)

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  1. Yes, it sounds like your plate is pretty full! I can't imagine a move like that--I bet even after you're there it'll feel a little surreal. Happy birthday to your little guy.