Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mandatory Birthday Photos.

Every year on the kids actual birthdays I make them "sit" for a portrait. 

Sully wears a leather "Crocodile Dundee" sort of hat his Dad got in Australia. Colyer wears one of his Dad's white "covers" from his Navy days. I wanted Minna to wear something of mine but I don't really have any neat hats. The only sentimental piece of clothing I own is my wedding dress. It is not your typical fluffy gown, just a knee length, embroidered, wisp of a thing. 

There ya go Minna, in a wedding dress already!

The idea is to be able to see all the pictures side by side when the kids are all grown up and see them grow into their Dad's hats or their Mom's dress.

Of course kids don't sit long if at all, so I get a million shots of the camera chasing them or of them holding something to distract them. All that funny business is part of the charm and as I say each year, "Someday you will really appreciate seeing these pictures and how you have changed from year to year."

For once, my babbling has turned to truth because already Sully and Colyer love to look at their birthday pictures! Nothing could make me happier.

I hope Minna likes hers too. She just had her first session yesterday. Man, one year olds are fun and wiggly!

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