Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting There Is Half The Fun.

Even the truck is bursting with excitement over our BBQ and Cupcake Extravaganza!

I love planning, and scurrying around, and planning.

For you Trader Joe's groupies out there, two things;

1. They have a new re-usable shopping bag, tote style, bigger, with hefty handles. You can see it above tucked in with the flowers. (I don't know how earth friendly it is to buy EVERY single cute re-usable shopping bag there is, but I justify it with the fact that I actually use them all the time and everywhere.)

2. Those cute (sometimes dangerous) kid-sized shopping carts hold exactly 30 ears of corn. Just an FYI for the next time you may need that many. If your kids are as cool as mine, I am sure they too will revel in the attention they get while proudly pushing around a pile of corn, husks and all. 

Off to do some more scurrying.

Or, maybe some sleeping instead...

Have a great Friday!

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