Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank You Very Mulch.

We have had an unsightly planter box surrounding the house for almost two years.   

Who would have known that $18.00 worth of chopped up used deck lumber from Sonoma Compost Company and a little elbow-grease would spruce it up so much that I am actually giddy. Now there will be no more weeds choking my roses or the poor spearmint. No more mud all over the darn garden hose. The geraniums stand out and everything looks so tidy! 

We will see how long it takes for the boys to start throwing the bark around and for Roo to start digging in it. For now though, all is right.

Best $18.00 I have thrown down in a long time. 

PS-Stay tuned for another one of my recycling projects. It involves my pictures, color and pulp. What could it be?

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