Monday, June 29, 2009

Camping Kick-Off!

Camping season has begun! 

We survived the long drive, the heat, mosquitos, and a large spider which was NOT a welcome sight for those brave ones sleeping under the stars. 

Minna made it through her first night in a tent. Needless to say us girls weren't in the brave group of campers. Tent all the way baby! I will never forget her big eyes lit by the moon trying to focus on SOMETHING in the dark. Poor girl would try to turn her head 360 degrees then I would quietly say her name and she would pounce in the direction of my voice. She seemed to like it though and she didn't keep our neighbors awake. I call that a success!

The next day was about 10 hours in the lake and the boys still were not ready to go home. The engines on those guys...

Next month we have 3 whole nights to look forward to. I got some new camera gadgets so I can take more pictures during the glare of the day. I'm ready, I'm ready...

Hope everyone had a great Monday.

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