Monday, June 8, 2009

Tale Of Two Sleeves

So Minna's dress is gonna be sleeveless. 

Earlier tonight-

The kids and husband are sleeping. I am busily sewing. The iron is warm and the machine is buzzing away. I am feeling darn good as I turn my very first dress right-side out (that part is so fun!) to admire my very first adorable little sleeve and there it is; a jumbled mess of gathers in the wrong places, excess thread and a forgotten pin sewn in so tight I couldn't pull it out.  Grrr.

I was so proud of the sleeves too. They looked perfect alone, nice seams and a cute little arm hole. I even had fun lacing the elastic through. Oh well, the disaster sleeve was promptly cut off and along with it's mate, thrown away after some photo documentation. Check out the first photo, the top right bundle of fabric is the sleeve-ball that was surgically removed. 

After some arm hole trimming and stitching and with a bit of ribbon I may end up with something resembling a dress. We shall see...

At least Minna has the arms to get away with going sleeveless.  :)

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