Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Charlie.

The boys and I were so lucky to have known Charlie the lamb. 

As we have come to learn living on a ranch, sad things happen. Poor Charlie was killed by coyotes the other night. We are all going to miss him and are thankful to have been able to pat his woolly little back and let him lick our boots. I am glad my boys got to help save a life and see a baby animal grow before their eyes. 

Charlie was a "bummer" lamb which means his Mama couldn't feed him. (Poor lady had mastitis, ouch!) So our wonderful neighbors became wet-nurses and fed the lil' guy with a bottle, 2-3 times a day. Then he developed a twice a day 2 liter soda-bottle habit. We all got to help feed him too. He and his Mom would see us coming and she would nudge him over to us for his meal. Amazing. 

He grew up, weaned and joined his grazing friends. He would come when his name was called and tolerated hugs and patting til he got too big to pick up. What a great experience for my little guys and for me.

We will never forget you Charlie and we'll say hi to your Mama and your cousins every day. To us you were most definitely NOT a bummer.

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