Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh, and it's my favorite color.

So Sully tied on his YELLOW BELT in Judo! 

Of course I was proud but I was especially happy to see the pride in my very modest boy's face. He is a serious kid and even though he wasn't sure about this Judo-thing, he took it very seriously and worked hard. 

During the promotion ceremony each instructor said a little something about each student. Sully stood up there solemnly with hands on his hips until it came to his turn. Then he could not stop the smiles and the giggles, very endearing.

Even with all the excitement surrounding the new belt we have to mention that Colyer tested as well. He didn't pass this time but is very close. You gotta be 5 to officially get the belt anyway. That wasn't much of a consolation for a kid who wants so much to be just like his big brother. I did see glimmer of pride in Cauley's face too when he demonstrated a mean O Soto Gari (see the first photo), very impressive. 

I sure love a kid in a gi, especially when they are mine.

PS-When you earn a new belt, your old belt which should have never been washed, is tied in a knot to keep all of the knowledge in it. Then you can pass that belt and all it's knowledge on to someone else. Neat huh?

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