Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekly Beach Adventures.

We are trying to make a trip to the beach once a week this summer. It is so darn close and we all love it so much, why the heck not? Pack a lunch and off we go...

One of our favorite spots OVERLOOKS the beach so the boys agreed that it counts as the beach. Therefore, it qualifies as a weekly beach trip. 

The spot is a big tree that gently bends to the side, touching the ground after years and years of standing up against the sea winds. It has grown and gnarled into a big cozy den. Patches of sun shine through the leafy roof and there are tunnels and twisted bridges winding their way to hidden rooms. A kid's dream.

The terrain was a little rough for Minna, our novice walker, but she loved it. Next summer she too will be getting stuck up high making her un-coordinated mom climb to the rescue and her arms will be full of sandy twigs and treasures. 

Can't wait for next week.


  1. Natalie, mom and I were just talking about our beach trips with you as a toddler when we dared to travel down the clift at Salmon Creek Beach past Bodega Bay. We were young and wreakless going down that steep grade carrying a playpen, lawn chairs and you and a baby. I can't imagine doing that these days due to the dangerous and some times fatal decent.

  2. Dad, I think you were probably in the most danger because those play-pens weighed more than a car back in the day:)